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2020-04-17 | Subject | MCJ Tomoe

I am putting together an updated presentation of my modeling tools, and I noticed that the logo on my video capture software is similar to the symbol on the Tibetan Book of the Dead from the Phlegm House Bathtub Vision:

I have several beginnings and endings meeting at this moment in time. First off, is the circle from this vision in 1986 until now. The advice I received in the vision was "It's all in you". I then looked at a leaf in the forest, noticed how beautiful it was, and understood that it was all in me to enjoy the forest. Without going too far on the comparison, I was looking at the veins in the leaf, which looks kind of like a tree, which was in a forest of trees. It isn't that far of a stretch to make the comparison between my focus now and that advice.

Another beginning is how I got my start in enterprise IT. I worked for a staffing firm that grew from several local branches to a large nation-wide company. Part of the reason why I have this presentation on my screen is that I interviewed with a hiring manager that I worked with at the staffing firm. It went well, and he would like me to meet the team next week. The presentation itself will be good to have, but the hiring manager is also open to the modeling tools themselves. I described them in my interview. So, that circle intersects the beginning and present as far as enterprise IT.

One interesting change in how I think of the idea of mountain climbing is that I think of the journal as a key tool for climbing rather than an indulgence. As an example, keeping a journal of daily life along with a dream journal can provide supports and even a guiding rope as you climb the mountain. Lately, though, I've thought more and more about how hard it is to create new things. For instance, the image above shows a graph where the nodes can be clicked to create relations and edit the metadata. It took me many months to figure out how to do all of this end-to-end, a full climb. I can describe in detail how to do this, starting with a single DFD ISO image that is easily downloaded from 30 or so mirror sites. This truly is a satisfying climb, vs. simply focusing on a small part of a single rock on the mountain face and relying on cloud providers to cover the rest of the journey.

Another circle is my approach to this broad modeling project. I started with the DFD as my presentation; however, I had to move the UI over to wxPython vs. Xojo, which meant learning Python, come up with roll-back for the entries, develop a robust two-way replication mechanism for file-system trees, and migrate my journals and website to the new schema. I am just getting back to the GUI for the DFD entry as I imagined originally. I am wrapping an entire year since I first started working on my graph ideas, and that article itself had ouroboros in the title.


2020-04-17 :

It is also fairly easy to see the three hares in the white of the symbol on the book, which was Yvette's symbol. Technically, though, and in context, ground, path, and fruit from a Gankyil work well. This is closer to a Tomoe than three hares; however, once you see three hares on the TBD cover, you can't unsee it.

2020-04-17 :

And... I just so happen to have Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets playing during this entire time, which also wraps to '86.

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