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2020-04-11 | Subject | Grandpa Waves

Toward the end of his life, my grandfather stopped expressing any political opinions, or, really, any strong opinion. He would tell stories, mainly WWII war stories, or of trips to Mexico in Jeeps with his best friend and the problem of flat tires in the desert. He would dismiss a particularly aggressive opinion with "Whatever". More and more his "whatever" faded in tone, so it was like he was talking to himself. When he was younger he would get in knock down, drag-out (figurative) fights at the dinner table with his son, my mom's brother, about politics. What remained as his expressed opinion faded, was joy just being with those he loved, living in the world, his evening three finger vodka, launching his boat himself off his homemade truck winch, and fishing. I don't think this was because of weakness. He knew what his opinions were. It was more that the wash of love mixed with suffering and sand overwhelmed whatever opinion arose, bobbing up briefly to the surface. He only had to wait half a moment for the opinion to be immersed and irrelevant again, from his perspective, in the wash.


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