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2020-02-01 | Subject | MCJ Yaaahhhss

Here is the thing about a personal journal: It forms a framework to climb the mountain of your life both internally and externally. Pitons, ropes, maps, etc., are the extended pieces of this metaphor. We all have life, a glorious, rare, click of life. Our dreams, our experience, though, is unique. Now, if I try and comprehend what is happening to me right now, and how I will react, I need access to all of the past placed pitons, ropes, climbing partner I'm belaying with, etc. This fits with the limits of human cognition. I am building models of my past with my journal so that I have a better model of where I am. A journal should be agnostic, much like how climbing gear shouldn't be prejudiced against a particular mountain. Sure, you might need a RURP sometimes, but for the most part your journal, your climbing gear, is a toolkit for the climb. What the journal does is mitigate the problems I have, and humans in general where I am grappling with my mmediate situation to gauge my place. This can be useful for immediate survival, but it hinders a purposeful journey. This is also why I respond to dialog with a journal reference. From my perspective most topics have 30 or 40 pages of past reference in my model of the world. I suppose I am making everything about me, but, really (as Sunn pointed out last week), that is a basic truth. I would love to see similar reactions w/ the framework in dialog. Instead, we see the instantaneous references to our feed outside of our control.

This is where my current efforts intersect. These same limits of cognition that we inherently have as humans can be applied to dynamic systems. I am picking particular domains (data flow, for instance), as the focus of the journal, as the literal version of the mountain. This is the same idea: the personal journal extended to what I have done in my career. I have added flexibility of chosen domains, as a useful tool needs to manage multiple mountains, and, even break out of the entire metaphor for a completely different toolkit. That is, the set of climbing gear completely changes.

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