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2020-04-29 | Journal | Victory Lap

I got the AI to work with my model, today. I started there, back in September, with a working set of rules and AI, but I took a long trip in a circle getting the schema to fit with my journal, and figuring out how to make the whole thing collaborative. The final piece was seeing if I could infer that system processes were related if I set it at a deep level. After a day of struggling with the peculiarities of Virtuoso, I figured it out. All of the changes didn't keep the tail end of the new MCJ from fitting with the AI. So, I'm back at the beginning again, and I know the dimensions of the circle. I can relax a bit now, and focus on the main wins at first, and then spiral down the documentation incrementally. add stuff

I watched a movie with Rachel Ward in it today, while I worked out, called Double Jeopardy. Decent movie. I have had an interest in her since I saw Against All Odds for the 99 cent movie while I was living in The Hobbitat. I didn't know until today that she was in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. I've seen it before, but perhaps I will watch it this evening as part of the celebration of AI. I started with a victory lap beer:

As I was watching Double Jeopardy, I noticed my throat was scratchy. I think it is just the pollen, but it crossed my mind that I might have some kind of killer virus or something. What if I couldn't finish documenting how all of this works, particularly now that I got the AI working? I chuckled a bit because I don't know that many people that really care that much, yet it is foremost on my mind. I have to get this done before I succumb to a killer virus. It is kind of odd to have something be so important to me, and so unimportant to most people I know. I'm OK with it, though. I like to think it explains some things. If people were generally interested in new ways of looking at stuff, perhaps we wouldn't be in the situation we are in. I swear there is a form of collusion to resist new ideas. Regardless, though, it works. I can document it, get it online, and move on.

As I was drinking my victory lap beer, I noticed a bumble bee gathering some pollen from the flowering kale from last year. A honey bee was buzzing around some other flowers as well. I thought how in balance they were with the flowers, and how the pollination worked with the plants and bees. The thought crossed my mind that humans needed to recede a bit to make way for the bees, and it reminded me of the conclusion on the Georgia Guide-stones:

Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

I love it that the rules are so concise, yet "Leave room for nature" is repeated twice. Yes, we need to leave room for nature. I still want to finish my documentation. Perhaps it will be interesting to somebody in the future.


2020-04-29 :

I ended up watching it. I don't think I've watched it since it came out in 1982. One thing that was somewhat interesting is that there are clips from Double Indemnity in there, which I get mixed up with Double Jeopardy.

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