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2019-08-31 | Journal | Sojourn

I took off two weeks to see family: eight days on the road, making a similar route as this trip in 2008, but fewer family is alive. Related to MCJ, I did get some advice under the San Jose sky near the Egyptian Museum that my view is too narrow over time.

San Jose was founded in 1777. I talked to my mom at lunch yesterday, and she said that when she was a child it was just a dusty farming town, but I also see that the Egyptian Museum, which serves as an anchor and reference for me and the sky, was first opened in 1928, so the feeling of something different in the town, something older, seems reasonable. The current mass of people and their propensities are a small blip on the history of people living on the Guadalupe River.

As in 2008, this journey usually has some focus on my journal efforts. I had some bolder ideas for the related sites, but I think I have enough right now to work with, and it is aligned with the advice, particularly since my paid work is useful in my mind, and unique. I did share it a bit when asked on the trip. Only one person got the full story, and two got various pieces. Based on the advice, I am watching more historical shows as I work out. Interestingly it is along the line of "old books", one of the climber ideas. The last one I watched was The Pillars of the Earth. Outlander looks like my next view, which is a bit of a hybrid.

Finally, today I got the scripts and site publishing stuff in order. This entry is the first time I've been able to write a new entry, as I had changed some of the structure of the files. More on the journal software will be posted here.

[2019-08-31: After I posted this, I watched the first episode of Outlander. Yowser... I couldn't have picked a show more appropriate for this entry.]

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