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2020-03-02 | Journal | Bene Gesserit

Bobo asked me for a ride to school today with a new, male, assertive confidence; something done with his voice, so it counts as male, mostly, but I've heard women do it too, and, for that matter, the Bene Gesserit. He also has a lingering amount of sheepishness from his younger self, a warbling uncertainty in the background, that he is trying to cover up.

I was in the middle of something, following a new discovery about mind map formats, and challenged him a bit. I asked him why he wasn't ready, in a medium-aggressive tone. The reality was that I knew he was going to be late, so I was all ready to go. It is the main exercise he gets, and an important part of raising him to be independent, so I strongly encourage him to manage his own schedule in the morning and get himself to school on time.

During the drive I told him that when he did this it affected my morning. I had other things that I was doing. I get my most productive work done in the morning hours, and it is a bad time to break. While it is true that my schedule is very flexible, I have much work to get done by summer, so any time spent as a chauffeur takes away from that. Bobo puts his ear buds in as soon as he gets in the car, so our time together during drives is proximity, not communication, in this circumstance. I let him be. Bobo took his ear buds out to listen to my mild scolding, apologized, and put his ear buds back in.

I wished Bobo a good day as he got out, and he seemed a bit surprised that I hadn't been grumpy or taken the opportunity to emphasize my scolding one more time. He wished me a good day as well. I decided I would take advantage of the venture out into the street-world to stop by the bank, as I'm out of cash.

The ATM closest to my house is one of those ones that has a room that is locked for privacy and safety, and you use your card to enter, but in this case somebody had ripped the door off of the hinges, and a homeless man was sleeping a few feet in front of the machine. His face was covered with an old sweatshirt, and his hairy belly stuck out from the top of his sleeping bag. I withdrew my cash and went home.


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