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2020-02-28 | Journal | Will it scale?

I have been stuck on some low-level parts of my model ideas. Primarily, this was dealing with the problem of multiple people working on the model and replicating the work between them, but still keeping all information local, so the models and associated documentation can be rendered completely independently. I got all of that working yesterday, and, finally, have a file format that works, is compatible with existing open/free tools, and is simple. Hey... if anybody wants to do two-way file sync out there, let me know.

Now... here comes the fun stuff. I have to choose my inference engine. Unfortunately/fortunately there is only one choice. I won't base my stuff on Java as a framework. I actually consider that a principle and a requirement. The question, though, is if the inference and graph engine can scale. Well... here is a human.

You can click a couple links and find the human is associated with TMEM45B, a gene associated with lung cancer. So, this will scale.


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