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2020-01-03 | Journal | Mad Men

I am still working on the CB sections. I got most of them laid out and somewhat legible after moving from the full page version yesterday. I purchased 6 seasons of Mad Men from what appears to be somebody selling everything off of his sailboat. I am convinced that the series will be enlightening about a world-view/model that I have not fully understood, that runs outside of mine. Both my dad and my grandfather (C) have the same world view (is my guess... we shall see). On a related note (to me), I have been watching The Matrix franchise. It seems cornier now, but I can tell the ideas behind the script are rich. A new item I've been considering: MCJ is about rock climbing your unconscious mind via a journal. We may be dimensionally challenged as far as cognition of actors, goals, and tools, but what causes many of our actions, our unconscious mind, has more dimensions. (Which leads back to marketing.)


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