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2019-12-09 | Journal | Bootstrapping

I'm making good progress this morning. The flow domain will work fairly easily, and I'm filling that out. I can use that to model components. The only remaining domain is checklists, and the other main feature is includes.

As I was working on this, I thought that one of the main things I'm doing here is creating an equivalent toolchain to bring up an integrated, agile set of tools for creating the 80% plus covering of IT docs (or general system docs). Much of this is determining constraints that work, but there are also many hours in doing things like putting a label on an edge in Graphviz for a particular kind of diagram and making it reasonably visible. There are many details. The idea of bootstrapping a homebrew computer also comes to mind. Pretty much everything is dead in the water and it is exceedingly difficult to see a successful outcome. I remember hand-assembling the code to get my Z-80 homebrew to load a program into memory via the parallel printer port. It took days to finally get a program to work, tapping it in bit by bit.


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