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2019-11-02 | Journal | Why? Hope?

I met Sphere for dinner and beers. I tried to explain my idea, and he thought I was trying to design forward by creating a model that could account for future stressors. He held up The Emperor's New Mind by Penrose as an example of why I couldn't do that. I countered that I was not designing forward, just providing models that were simple and flexible that could be used at the time that stressors appeared, from the other side of the system experience, not a forward design. We agreed on our predicament in general, but after our dinner I didn't feel that Sphere felt there was anything truly worth doing in this regard.

I usually reject the word hope. But, as I think about all of this, hope is why I am doing what I am. I have hope that we will eventually learn to better model our situation, target, and proposals. Really, it comes down to a decision on my part, that is purely mine to make about hope. If I truly don't think there is any hope at all, then there is no reason for me to do this. I get it that we will likely go through a period of "might is right". Actually, Sphere challenged me on that as well, and said we have always been in a "might is right" world. My response is that there are degrees of that. Plus, in this case, in the context of models, "right" is more of an analysis step that is somewhat disconnected from political structures. What does society want for itself?

There is a free modeling tool with causal loops and flow. The author has done some professional work using this tool, and there is even a simulation of World3 available on the site. I am not doing any of that. It is cool that it exists, but my focus is on connecting the dots with structural meaning. What I am doing is an offering to that other side. I need to finish my IT domains, weave them, and present, along with the structural use of the system itself using just a graph (trees with relative symbolic links). I am putting this on the web and sharing the general idea. I am also doing this professionally as an application of the ideas to the IT domains I work in. So, this is a form of hope. There, I said it.

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