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2019-10-27 | Journal | Too Complicated?

When I found my old entries, at Sean's insistence, and reconstructed my old journals last year, I never was able to find this entry:

It has been laying around in my home directory for years. It serves as both a reminder and as a symbol of loss of content due to my thrashing. This was one of the prettiest versions of my journal software. The entries were stored in a steganographic image using a routine I created of my own design. I enjoyed the feature of storing the article in an image, because it was easy to share an image as a journal entry, but it was kind of private at the same time. The harvesting engines of our online lives would find it difficult. It wasn't intended to be secure, just difficult. At that point I had tried for many years to get anybody to see the beauty of the journal. I figured that the reason I didn't get more interest is because my journal system was too complicated. Over the years I created 100 or so videos that tried to explain the journal system.

There are likely other factors to this, I understand now, besides assuming it was too complicated. First off, people don't have the time. Even when they do have the time, there are also issues when people don't understand a different idea. Through all of my ID/obscurity and other related technical features over the years of MCJ, I got the feeling that nobody really got it the same way. There were some good ideas in this particular journal design. One of the fabulous things that it allowed is that the main entry could be copy/pasted right into an email. The formatted text was utf-8, so you could gain tags and visual context easily. My mistake was in assuming anything at all based on the reception by those I knew. Interest has nothing to do with value. Understanding has nothing to do with value. If I thought it was beautiful, I should have continued along that route rather than abandon and go with the simplified interface. That is the reminder.

The thing that crystalized this for me a bit, is that I know that my ouroboros idea has value. It is good through history, and it is needed now. It will be needed during systemic collapse (of any system). It doesn't exist in the form I envision, yet. It is actually very simple, but, unfortunately, I will need to build the whole thing first before I can use it, because people in general will not be able to understand how truly simple it is unless I can show them. I really just want to implement these ideas somewhere in some IT shop, but now I have to build the bridge in order to land that job. The benefit of this approach is that I will have it fully documented as well, so the ideas can persist.

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