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2019-10-26 | Journal | Long Slog

I met with the VC incubator MP yesterday. He was familiar enough with what I was working on, that he referred to it as a DAG (directed acyclic graph). He, along with a conversation I had earlier this week with another IT veteran, have helped focus my own understanding on the nature of what I'm doing, and where I think it will go. I do not have a product. This is a stance of mine, certainly. The MP did offer that he could see some vertical applications of my ideas, but overall they had no use for me as a docent, a domain advisor. We talked a bit further about what this meant. What I have is a method, and normally what people do when they have a method is write a book or blog. I told him that I do have one, and am building out the world of ideas from that perspective. I didn't get too much into the dog food part of it, that I'm using the very same ideas as a content management system, so "blog" for me is a bit more extensive, but we did agree that this route is a bit of a long slog. I need to build out and weave the domains, show the cross-domain inference capabilities, and find some big, messy IT shop to work in. Personally, I need to start pacing myself a bit better. Preparing for the meeting yesterday tilted me. I spent too many hours working on the presentation and it affected my health. I need balance. I need to become healthier during this slog. I can't let it consume my health for the sake of progress, since overall I will need my health and energy when I have finished the domains and am ready to share wide.

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