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2019-10-19 | Journal | Breathing

I got all of the main pieces working for the data flow domain, and am preparing for my Friday presentation. I need to invent a company that shows how this works and start building it out with areas I zoom into. The browser window on the right auto-refreshes as I add connections and objects on the left. It is pretty fun, actually. As I brought this up and started working on it this morning, I realized that my breath was easy and smooth. This also happened last week after I took a nap mid-day, weaving in and out of full consciousness as I planned my idea. Instead of the more jagged, interrupted breath, my breathing was a deep sine wave. I wonder if there is a tail wagging the dog problem with breathing. The prevailing idea, at least in my rise through the alfalfa sprout eighties, is that you use breathing exercises to bring focus and clarity to your mind, and then intentional and spiritually aligned action follows. It is possible, though, that focus and clarity help your breathing, that we are looking at this in the wrong direction.


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