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2019-09-30 | Dream | Get out of the car

I was walking up a steep hill(1). There was a dirt road going up the hill and a Yugo (2) full of women(3) was trying to get up the hill. They got stuck, but they kept trying to go up the hill repeatedly, the wheels spinning in the dirt. The driver backed up a little bit and looked at the patch where the front wheels were spinning and looked for something on the ground that made her car slip. She didn't find anything, so she got back into the car with three other people and was trying, again, to get up the hill as I hiked by them. I wanted to tell them that they were just going up a hill that was too steep, and there were other routes that would get them to the top. For some reason I didn't interrupt them, I just kept on walking until I reached the top. At the top of the hill there was a six foot wooden fence. From a distance it looked like it was all one continuous fence, but with the path I took there was a notch where the fences met off-axially, slightly past each other, that you could walk through.

In the second dream my dad had just purchased a new silver Celica. I helped him push it around the corner of the house he was living at, so that he could park it. He then got in it to drive away. First he pulled forward and ran into something on the corner of the house. The front fender was made of foam, so he didn't break anything. I yelled at dad to get out of the car (5), but he didn't listen and kept trying again and again, ramming the car into the obstruction. He then tried to back out, and t-boned a car in back of him. As before he did it again and again. He pushed the car he hit backwards and another car hit that one, as it was sticking out in the road. I was trying to get around the car to get my dad to stop, but it was too dangerous. I kept yelling, "Stop the car! Get out of the car!", but dad couldn't hear me. Finally dad stopped and got out of the car. One of the damaged vehicles from the associated wrecks he caused had a load of stacked, thin styrofoam boards. He broke off a small piece of one of them to put on the damaged cars so they knew who hit them. I told him I was sorry he had to deal with this.

(1) Steep Hill is a road marker, figuratively. (2) I'm really not sure if a Yugo was front-wheel drive or not. It was about the size of a Fiat 500, and I woke up thinking it was a Yugo, so using dream rules, that is what it is. It is odd that it was so specific, but the rules of capturing dreams are there for a reason, namely that there are other reasons for things, puns, other associations. I did some GTS and figure it was likely a 1986 Yugo GV, which is front-wheel-drive. (3) If anything, females in my dream represent my anima, which is personified for me as [Medusa](, although my thought is that it is also a universal anima, an [archetype]( (4) Toyota doesn't make Celicas anymore. The real-life Supra looks kind of like what I saw in my dream. (5) Oooo... good dream dad hill

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