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2019-09-28 | Dream | Old Road

I was heading into town to meet Sean for lunch. The road was torn up, and even though I could recognize some of the landmarks, the road became more and more un-drivable. I finally gave up, parked my Mazda pickup, and walked into town on foot. I found Sean, we had lunch, and I said we needed to go back into the forest to find my pickup.

Sean was skeptical that I was looking in the right spot, and wanted to make sure I was sure before wading through the underbrush and looking for the pickup. To reassure her, I pulled out a map that showed two yellow train cars and some other features on the map. I told her my pickup was near the train cars, and that those were Charlie's train cars.

We made it through the forest, and got to a clearing where the road was torn up. We went into one of the train cars and there was a yellow dust covering everything. I told Sean how I had found a sickly mouse in a cage last time I was in the train car. Sean said that Charlie must have been doing experiments on small animals, and this is where he killed all of the mistakes. I agreed, and we left the train car, worried we would get sick from the yellow powder.

I saw a train go by us, right in front, close enough that the breeze blew our hair up. There were crouched, with slightly iridescent, widely ribbed bodies like the hair on the attendants in Caterpillarplasty. One of them stood up and opened their body, and it covered an old-time carnival ride. The train was loaded with all of the rides of a carnival, tilt-a-whirl, rock-o-plane, etc.

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