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2019-09-19 | Dream | 4 Groups

I dreamed that Derby, one of the guys at work, had this idea for four groups of people to work collaboratively by setting tokens they checked out and then checking them back in. I didn't like the idea. I thought it would be better if each individual person in the group checked out their own edits from a central database live. I was overridden whenever I tried to speak up. The planning meeting ended and we decided to do it Derby's way. I protested to my boss that my way was better, but my boss told me that people couldn't see that my way was better, so it didn't matter. (This was the morning before I got laid off in real life because my ideas about graphs were not something my team could get their head around enough.)


2020-04-29 :

It turns out that collaboration was one of the biggest challenges that I had with Cruft Buster. I didn't end up using a centralized database. I ended up using Unison to sync up trees on the filesystem. It is more similar to Derby in the dream.


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