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2019-08-14 | Dream | Sphere Web

Rabbit was working from home. I let him know that he still needed to put up the servers for the Christmas rush. Sphere came in the office later and wondered why Rabbit hadn't known before the day they were needed, and exclaimed that this happened every year. We told Rabbit he should put it on his calendar, but we knew he wouldn't.

I was then in a datacenter reviewing the new server that was put in place. Rather than a rack, there were wooden bins on the floor all attached in the center of the room. They were in a cabinet about as high as a kitchen counter. I looked at our server cabinet and the activity lights were not blinking much. The other cabinets had much higher usage. The server(s) were made by Oracle. I asked Sphere if we had some usage statistics, and he bristled a bit. I continued that I didn't think we really needed as much server power as we had purchased. There were 50 or so bundled network cables running to our cabinet.

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